Defining Moment

As my knowledge grew from assisting other photographers for the last 3 years, I got to know myself as a photographer and not just a photographic assistant. I realized who I am in this big world of creatives. I can now differentiate myself from other photographers that are in the same boat as me. The biggest thing I have learned from assisting photographers and assistants alike is, to have your own identity and to be true to yourself to stand out from the rest.


How can I make my images better and put my own stamp on it, is the question I always ask myself. To answer this question, I had to ask myself a series of questions over and over again, what do I love, what is important to me and what makes me happy. These are the questions that runs through my mind and it always goes back to my early years, remembering my first bike race in my early teenage years, my first camping trip and all my first adventure experiences in my adult life. One thing is common in these fond memories and that is, "being in the outdoors". Outdoors is where I'm happy, it is where I am true to myself, it's where I am at peace and it's where I am most creative at.Outdoors reflect my photography, whether it be, sports or simple portraits. It is what I love and passionate about.


Marti Friedlander, a prolific NZ photographer once told me, shoot what you love the most and it will define you as a person and as a photographer. So here I am, year 2013, shooting what I love, defining myself as a person and as a photographer.


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