My first photography blog

Writing my first blog about my photography is pretty daunting, specially when I haven't been in the industry that long (3 years) but I guess I have to make that jump and test the waters... so here goes nothing.


First and foremost, my background is outdoor adventure. I use to work as a rock climbing and abseiling instructor. I love the outdoors, it was my 9 to 5 job. I did it for 4 years then did outdoor retail for 8 years to fund my outdoor adventures and gears. Being in the outdoors exposed me to different environments which opened me up to landscape photography.


Here is one of my first HDR landscape images that was shot with my old and trusty 350D


My first camera was a basic Sony Cyber Shot point and shoot , we had some good times- Sony and I, until one day I left it on top of my car and drove off for a ski trip and trashed it. After that painful accident, I decided to look into DSLR and ended up purchasing a Canon 350D which I had for a while. The 350D was a great beginner camera in my opinion. I produce lovely landscape images with my 350D and learned a lot about photography... good times! But the 350D had limitations on what I wanted to shoot so I decided to sell it and upgrade to a Canon 50D which was a camera I wanted at that time. It was fast enough to shoot what I wanted and gave me extra features that the 350D can't. I was happy, now i can shoot fast action sports.


Local downhill race shot with my 50D with 24-70 lens at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park


Fast forward to 2010. I decided to pursue photography by enrolling to a private training college focusing on commercial and advertising photography. From there I started assisting some of the best photographers in Auckland. All the stuff I learned in the classroom made all sense. It made my transition from being a student to a full time photographer's assistant smoothly and may I say in a short time frame and at the same time working as a photographic technician for the school I graduated from. I was happy. Learned a lot about studio shoots, the lighting, dealing with art directors, make up artists, stylists and models. Also learned about marketing and the business of photography. It also makes me happy to share my industry knowledge to the students who are studying photography.


But being in this industry made me forget what I love to shoot because I was too busy learning new things about the whole commercial and advertising world. I was like a sponge, soaking everything up from all the creative people I work with, don't get me wrong, It was great, but I miss shooting my own ideas, most of all, I miss being in the outdoors.


2013... now this is my turning point, guess you gonna have to follow me on this blog to find out.


Well, that's pretty much what my background is all about, hope it wasn't too much of a bore. Thanks folks. Till next time.

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